Powdered Sugar:

Powdered white sugar is the simplest type of special sugars, which is ground into granular white sugar and becomes a fine-grained crystal with a soft texture and is normally accompanied by the addition of a small amount of anti-lumpy substances such as edible starch.
Sugar powder is used in food industry products that require fast dissolution of sugar. Powdered sugar is also known as confectionery sugar.
Packaging and production of this product by a fully automatic machine in the production and packaging hall of Shakrestan Farabi and in full compliance with the national standard of Iran No. 69 and in special 250 grams packages (primary coating of polyethylene and secondary coating of cardboard can Food Grade) Takes.
Uses: To decorate and sprinkle on a variety of nuts and fruits, donuts, fruit cakes, dry sweets, creamy ingredients, whipped cream, jams, puddings, marmalade.