Liquid sugar (Invert Sugar or Liquid Sugar):

Liquid sugar has many advantages in industry compared to granular sugar. In fact, liquid sugar acts as a semi-open product that is ready for direct consumption in food preparation processes without the need for dissolving, refining or pasteurizing.
Liquid sugar is a fresh product with a limited shelf life. Different types of liquid sugars are produced and used commercially, which are divided based on color, solid sugar to water ratio, ash content and sucrose to invert ratio. Liquid sugar can be prepared from sugarcane in several ways, one of which is the preparation of liquid sugar from the bleached syrup of raw sugar refineries, in which the company produces liquid sugar in accordance with the national standard of Iran No. 14630.
Using refined liqueur on which bleaching has been done is one of the best ways to prepare liquid sugar, because this liqueur is in liquid form. It has also been completely refined and bleaching has been performed on it. Refined liqueur contains some pigments and other fine materials such as gums and resins. In fact, simple bleaching operations and ash removal are the main steps in converting bleached syrup to liquid sugar, in which case ion exchange resins are used. This method is used in this company. The packaging of this product is done by a fully automatic machine in the production and packaging hall of Shakeristan Farabi and in 25 kg barrels.