White Crystal Sugar :

It is one of the most important nutrients needed by humans that creates energy in the body. The low price of sugar, compared to the amount of calories it produces, has made this product a major source of energy. The per capita consumption of sugar in our country is about 30 kg, which is used to compensate for the production deficit, millions of dollars are spent annually on sugar imports.
According to the above explanations, in Hakim Farabi Agriculture and Industry of Khuzestan, a factory with a capacity of 175,000 tons has been built to extract sugar from sugarcane. This company supplies the required sugar to more than 3.3 million people of the country annually. In the sugar industry and sugar production, both the sugar product and the molasses left over from its extraction and the sugarcane pulp (bagasse) can be converted into energy and other valuable products.
In this company, white sugar for home use and production factories such as cake, ice cream, soft drink, etc. in 50 kg packages under the brand name of Zarrin Daneh is available in the market and available to the consumer.